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“Digital Arianna”, diAry, is a mobile application that allows to keep trace, on your own device and in any circumstance, of movements that are relevant to the containment of the diffusion of COVID-19. To face the diffusion of the virus, it is essential to be able to trace back to all the locations and people that have been met during the incubation period.

All data is stored on the personal device of the user, and can decide to freely examine, export and eventually intersect them with information of public utility.

Adopting responsible behaviors and keeping track of them is the most effective way that each individual can contribute to public health. The contribution is recognized and quantified in terms of WOM vouchers, special certificates that recognize the social value of individual actions. 

WOMs (acronym of Worth One Minute) can be used as vouchers, which merchants and suppliers of services can attribute a value to and grant discounts and concessions. This simple reward mechanism contributes to social cohesion, attributing a value to the compliance with the restraint measures and offering a simple mechanism to tie this act of responsibility to the economy of the territories involved.

Just like Ariadne’s thread, the data conserved on your smartphone offer a trusted trace to find a way out of the maze of COVID-19.

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How does diAry work?

  1. It automatically detects the position and the movements of the user and it saves it in the local memory (on the personal device), without interfering with the normal functioning of the smartphone and sampling the position intelligently, that is only when it changes significantly, in a way to only use minimally resources and memory;
  2. It lets the user label all positions in which you stop at for at least 5 minutes and it keeps memory of them in the following days;
  3. It calculates daily statistics of the time passed in each place or of each movement, recognizing if the movements are done by foot, bicycle or motorized vehicles (which you can classify);
  4. It lets the user note in any moment relevant events or situations;
  5. It can confer daily statistics to a central database, anonymously and voluntarily, contributing to the construction of an open data set;
  6. It rewards responsible behavior, letting the user collect, at the end of the day, a number of WOM (vouchers for the social value) proportional to the time that the App was used and the time passed at home;
  7. It lets the user view in any moment all traces collected on the device, to share them, to question them and to cross them with data of public utility.

What guarantees does diAry offer?

Open source & open data. Digital Arianna was developed as a non-profit app by the University of Urbino and DIGIT srl, a university spin-off, innovative srl and benefit company, with the voluntary contribution of civic hackers, developers and researchers. The application is freely distributed. The specifications and algorithms are public. The source code will be released in April 2020 to let the open source community contribute to the project. All of the collected statistics will be available as an open data set. Even the WOM platform , used to recognize the social value of the individual behaviors, is an open source technology.

Vouchers for social commitment. Using the app is an individual choice that generates social value. This value is quantified in terms of WOM, vouchers conceived in the scope of a European project and included as one of the innovative instruments of the European Commission. WOMs can be obtained by engaging in actions of collective interest that are recognized by the platform. DiAry is one of these instruments, because it contributes to responsible mobility and the containment of the epidemic risk. WOMs can be used as vouchers, that are worth the recognizement of discounts and reductions from merchants and service providers that are intentioned to reward those who demonstrate to have adopted sustainable behaviors and are socially responsible. The applications that manage WOMs are free, as is their usage, and they are free of transaction costs. https://wom.social/ 

Personal data. DiAry doesn’t need a registration or the creation of an account, since it saves all the data that it collects on the personal device. The app doesn’t foresee any methods of loading the tracks on the net. It only allows to extract them in a CSV format to leave full freedom to the user externally to the app. The statistics that are daily calculated don’t contain personal data, nor punctual information that could be traced back to the person that they refer to, their movements or the places that they have visited. Only these statistics can be conferred to a server, anonymously and expressly requested by the user, to contribute to the creation of an open data set.


  1. Università degli Studi di Urbino Carlo Bo https://uniurb.it
  2. DIGIT srl innovativa società benefit https://digit.srl


A near-future roadmap.

  1. Monday 23 march 2020 – Distribution of the app to beta testers
  2. Within march 2020 – Publication of the open source project
  3. By 10 april 2020 – Release of the beta version on the stores of Android and iOS
  4. Within april 2020 – open data set format publication

How to contribute to the project

The project is open to the participation and the contribution of anyone that shares its intent and thinks that they can contribute to increase its effectiveness. As an example, active forms of participation to the project are:

  1. Everyone: constructive comments and recommendations on specifications, usability and functionalities
  2. Everyone: partaking in the tests of the propotype application
  3. Developers and civic hackers: processing and visualization of the data of the open data set.
  4. Developers: development of WOM connectors for the online purchase platform
  5. Merchants: offers of discounts and reductions to holders of WOMs
  6. Communication experts: organizing campaigns of sensibilization on its usage
  7. Influencers / testimonials: promote the adoption of the app
  8. Everyone: personal use of the app!

Latest news



    1. Alessandro Bogliolo


    1. Saverio Delpriori
    2. Gian Marco Di Francesco
    3. Lorenz Cuno Klopfenstein
    4. Riccardo Maldini
    5. Brendan Paolini

    Thematic skills

    1. Mauro Magnani
    2. Emanuela Frangipani 
    3. Fabio Giglietto
    4. Cristiano-Maria Bellei
    5. Vincenzo Fano
    6. Marina Garassino
    7. Gian Italo Bischi
    8. Marco Rocchi
    9. Andrea Rossetti

    Support & collaboration

    1. Massimiliano Aiello
    2. Matteo Fortini
    3. Igor Guida
    4. Massimo V. A. Manzari
    5. Francesco Piersoft Paolicelli
    6. Antonio Seveso
    7. Matteo Tempestini

    Info: covid19app@uniurb.it

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